Pretty Fly for a McFly Guy

14492617_10154705152780572_6302829724102981267_n1Some people just can’t wait for Christmas. I think it’s the thought of giving gifts and of course receiving said gifts throughout the year and then suddenly the spirit of giving seems to gain momentum, usually about November time.

But for some like our latest fan, Tom Fletcher from the Pop band McFly the Christmas spirit overcame him over 12 months ago when he started to pen his first children’s novel, The Christmasaurus. It’s already on sale from every available word boutique in the real and digital world.

img_1288We were very excited then when it came to launching his book that he and Andrea Bowie of Penguin Books approached to produce a woolly jumper for the book signings of his new book.

What a great way to celebrate such an important event in anyone’s live. At we have seen this right from the beginning. Our jumper lovers have enjoyed our creations for their cosiness and snugness while having a unique creation that has literally become personal and dear to them because of the unique way they become part of the significant events in their lives…and all this from one of our jumpers.

img_1320If you want to see just how excited Tom was wearing his Jumper click over to his Facebook page and see the jumper in action. Fans will also be treated to a reading of a snippet from The Christmasaurus. Sorry though fans of knitting, Christmas and McFly……………crumpets not included with the book or with one of our jumpers I’m afraid. I’ll have scoffed em’ before my needles are out of the holster.


Talking of giving stuff away…

christmasaurusPenguin just may be running a competition related to the books release by giving away a second jumper just like Tom’s…I know this because I’m busy knitting it all together right now.

So watch this space for further developments and if you’re a fan of great seasonal children’s fiction then it looks like The Christmasaurus could be the perfect stocking filler……so long as we knitted it of course…the stocking, not the book.


Madame Clikety Click x


Our New Look Website For Connecting Knitters Around The World

Now, ladies and gentlemen, fellow needle shakers, there are no more excuses for not being connected to your favourite knitting site. We have transformed our website, utilising the latest social media tools so that you can now, from wherever you are around the world on whatever device you choose, tether yourself to our brand new site, making sure you are at the forefront of everything new under our little sun.

IMG_2102Even our Blog, as I write it will appear within the website so you don’t have to stray far from our very own magical knitted kingdom to get the latest news and rumblings from

Not only that but now you will be able to share your ideas with us and your fellow knitters with just one click of a button and send your inspirations shooting across the world via just some or all of the tools that have integrated into the website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tap us on the shoulder.

Everything is here and Live. By connecting to us through any means at your fingertips then it will be like a tap on the shoulder, should you have any questions or ideas for your next design we can know about it the instant you ask and yes you guessed it, we will be on your questions like white on rice…so you should expect a tap on the shoulder too.


a4c4433f6b299a11a9d4edbe1b223d24Do you think we are excited about our new Website update?

You bet we are. The prospect of reaching out further across the planet is almost too much for us to bare. In some cases, it has led to talks of giving stuff away in the form of discounts to everyone who visits our site…Now that is something worth sharing. But before I tell you about that let me tell you about some of the ways you can connect to us and benefit from your experience.


As well as all our pictures receiving some TLC to make them crisper and clearer, adding to overall look and feel of the site, we have now hooked up with:


Now you can take hold of our photos and share them to anyone you like. If knitting is what you do, then you are bound to get feedback and ideas from your own circles and we want to share and grow our family of knitters, to inspire and be inspired. We can only do that with you.

Flipagram then is a fun way of putting our knitting Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle to our favourite musical backdrop. We have and will continue to adorn our site with our very own musical videos of our and your very best jumper designs….so get in touch NOW…And GET SHARING!


Pinterest is another cool way we can inspire new ideas for designs and gift ideas. Swapping pictures has never been as fun or as effective for gauging the perfect response for a gift or as a means of cultivating feedback…and all that at the click of a button.

IMG_2100Talking of feedback. Our site now has a rolling display on the left of the screen of some of the feedback we have enjoyed and because of the slick way it has been presented we can deliver this to our visitors so that your decision to connect with us will be guaranteed, the best one you will make.

Facebook and Twitter remain the giants of ‘joining hands’ across the planet and has served us well and will continue to do so in plotting our ‘lives in wool’. Indeed, the friends and support we have garnished from such tools has shown us the possibilities for wrapping the world in ‘digital’ wool. Now there’s an image.

If you find you can’t devote too much time at our website, then why not sign up to our newsletter. If you would like to receive all our exciting news and developments via your email, then maybe we can deliver something special in there that is more relevant to you and your busy lifestyle.


IMG_2099One of the things we are very proud of is the celebrity endorsements that we get…so keep an eye out for the Gallery at the bottom of the website which will be updated with some famous folks who have had the privilege of adorning some of our bespoke creations.

discountOh Yeah. Almost forgot. Want to help us celebrate our new look and feel website?

Then come and ask us about our 10% OFF EVERYTHING discount. You don’t have to be connected to enjoy it…You just have to be here.

We are very excited for the future and our new Website…but more importantly, being connected to you.

Love always.

Madame Clickety-Click X

This was Better Than Getting The Golden Ticket

Keeping your cool in the face of the chocolate onslaught this season might proof a little tricky for some folks, including us here at (mainly me).

Already as I cast a merry seasonal glance over the bexknitwear kingdom, there is so much chocolate about that I’m sure I will start dreaming about the stuff. One day I know I’m going to wake up to the sound of my little rustling knitting elves hurriedly adding the finishing touches to another dream I had once, that of an edible chocolate jumper. Mmmmm……where was I?

CadburysSo dear readers you can imagine how thrilled I was to get the call from Cadburys to design them two very special jumpers fit for the Christmas season. Okay they aren’t edible but this is how they would look if I had my way.

So many thanks to Georgina from Cadbury’s and the opportunity to spend hours and hours and hours researching chocolate. I hope you all enjoy your new Christmas Jumpers….(sorry you can’t eat them…Yet).


Madame Clickety Click Xx


Everything Under Your Roof

We love what we do and we love hearing about your experiences with our jumpers so you can probably imagine how excited we are to roll out our new Ebay shop.


With everything we know about this online auction house and it’s buy it now feature you’ll know how easy it is going to be to get hold of your jumpers and anything else you fancy after a visit.

With a built in search feature you can now browse over thirty different categories, share with others for gift ideas, talk to us about your ideas and leave us your all important feedback.

This is a real life live experience as you can, in real time, watch our stuff flying off the shelf and be there when new jumpers arrive.

Don’t forget if you’re after something specific then get in touch with us through our virtual shop, website or this blog.

I think by now the only real way you can appreciate the eBay shop experience is to visit it now by following our link.

Crowd Control: Sometimes it’s cool being sheep like and following the flock.



In addition to making all our jumpers and accessories available to view and search very quickly we have also created on online gathering for all you enthusiasts and lovers of wool. Please click on the link below and join our dedicated followers on our Facebook page. Here’s where you’ll hear about everything that’s going on with and what’s knew and just arrived in our online shop. With it fully connected to our blog we can keep you abreast of the latest news, product lines and seasonal special offers as well as gift ideas. These are just some of the things we want to share with you. So come on, get yourself connected.

Thanks for sticking with us.


Madame Clicket-Click xx


A Baby Blanket fit for a Prince….or a Princess

2015-04-23 20.31.35-2When bexknitwear was asked to be involved with Abbeyfield care homes to be a part of a celebration that would mark the arrival of William and Kate’s new baby you can bet your knee socks we jumped at the chance. It was after the jumper we had a hand in for Radio and TV presenter and singer Aled Jones and of course were grateful to be involved again. 2015-04-24 18.19.24Abbeyfield is an amazing charitable organisation, dedicated to improving the care of older people and enhancing their quality of life since 1956. It is our chosen charity and because it counts HRH the Prince of Wales as its Patron the residents have all come together and created this lovely blanket for his highness’s new grandson or granddaughter. Each square was lovingly knitted by the residents in Abbeyfield’s pastel colours of light blue, green, yellow, light orange, pink and white, colours fit for a little prince or princess. 2015-04-23 14.22.19What a wonderful time we had meeting the residents of Abbeyfield care homes as we took their hard work and transformed the pieces into the royal blanket. Pulling the whole thing together (in this case quite literally) was going to be the biggest challenge given that we only had five days to sort through the squares, grouping them together due to different thicknesses and sizes and colours that complimented each other perfectly before presenting the complete blanket back to Abbeyfield for the photo shoot and press release soon to be rolled out to the nation. 2015-04-24 18.19.32But we did it! Working nonstop we brought the blanket together and delivered it on time. And now it is in the hands of the charities chief executive Natasha Singarayer who says she is looking forward to sending the finished blanket to the new heir. 2015-04-24 18.19.44What a great experience for all involved and now we can’t wait for it to be presented…but like the royal couple and the nation behind them, we are waiting for baby to make an appearance. Prince or Princess…with our blanket they are assured a very warm welcome.   Madame Clickety Click

Keeping the Terraces Warm is Our Goal for the Season

018In days gone by as we watched our favourite football teams tearing up the pitch, a fervent attempt at getting those few precious points, the only thing that kept us warm on the terraces was a hot pasty and a few mouthfuls of Bovril (other sinister flame rich beverages are available but not nearly as comparable). The familiar sounds of a well worn but soothing footie chant would drift across on a chilled breeze and the sight of a sea of bodies bobbing to their own tribal beat may have been enough to warm the heart but in most cases not the extremities.

033As conjures and purveyors of woollen apparel, you may guess, dear reader where we are going with this footie theme.

Flying the flags of our beloved Football teams is not exclusive to the UK but it sure does feel like it is when we stand shoulder to shoulder amidst a forest of team colours, the beautiful game represented by an abundance of shirts and flags and hats, all wonderfully unique and precious in the eyes of the wearer.

030As you know if you are a frequent visitor to our blog, we are always on the lookout for the unique, especially the unique ways in which you want to wear and show off your hand knitted jumpers. Already familiar badges are starting to appear on jumpers around the isle and we should know because we put them there. We’ve stuck a few pics in this post as you may have gleaned.

Okay is it me or is this a great gift for the dedicated followers of that handsome pastime? And what about kitting out the new arrivals in your life. That’s right a kit with a knit, fit for your bouncing baby as they dribble their way through your lives. What a unique way of celebrating your favourite team and of course getting your family on side as it were.

boroI hope you like these examples of sporting celebration. Get in touch with your ideas for your perfect jumper…We can’t wait to hear them.



Madame Clickety-Click xx

Being The Leader Of The Pack With Our Jumpers Is Easy

From the dawn of time and really before then, when the Gods made love and first conceived the notion of knitting needles and their clicking together, you may have been forgiven in thinking it was the start of a certain percussive tribal music, that clicking together of bone fragments. But then by chance a flock of sheep happened along the way and thus through a swirling soup of legend and unmentionable dark stuff, the woolly jumper was born….

…What? It’s most probably the truth….

Anyway your lack of faith in my explanation aside; our great hand crafted jumpers like those around the world have been the billboards of our lives and there’s no reason to assume that will end anytime soon.

HarleyAs I have said and, has been a constant theme throughout my blogs to the world: Anything goes as far as getting your message out there and we are always so proud that you want to sport your wisdom and the things that matter to you on our hand-knitted Jumpers.

triumph.This blog post then, features those fine individuals who pour their passion into motorcycles and will think nothing of throwing off their leathers and wallowing in their downtime with a cosy hand-knitted jumper.

These beauties would melt the heart of any Biker Gang Overlord and have them running for grannies house and fitting out his entire gang. (Okay that’s enough with the stereotypes…)

triumphIf you need something to kit out your club or society especially on those cold nights or even if you’ve started thinking about your annual gatherings toward the end of the year… (I’m being good…I’m trying not to mention the C word) then get in touch with us and we will make your dreams come true in a woolly fashion right across your chest.


Disclaimer: These jumpers have near magical powers in transforming the faces of the recipient but they are not a suitable replacement for your protective leathers if occasionally you like to clamour upon the iron horse.

velocetteThese Jumpers also make a unique gift for the enthusiast (it just depends what you’re into) and should spark some creativity amongst you dear readers for the lovely ones in your lives.

In the meantime my faithful bunch of wild ones hang high and tight…and…Let’s be careful out there.


Madame Clickety-Click xx