Christmas with Madame Clickety-Click

SnowwomenAs you bid farewell to your final Christmas guest and watch them stumble out of your house into the frosty night, the sounds of Christmas still falling from their lips (a verse or two of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer seamlessly running into the theme from Only Fools and Horses) you may, dear reader, breathe a sigh of relief that the Christmas Jollies are over and it’s time to pack the tinsel and worn out mistletoe away for another year.


SnowmanBut for us at it seems Christmas never leaves us as Madame Clickety-Click wipes off the turkey giblets from her fabled knitting needles and gets to work on the following Christmas Jumpers, made to order. That’s right these beauties are not off the shelf numbers. These stocking fillers are made to order and the savvy wool heads out there appreciate the sheer volume that Madame Clickety-Click and all her little elf’s have to deal with to ensure you get your Christmas Jumpers on time.

Here then is a selection of the Christmas Jumpers Madame Clickety-Click has been knocking out all year.

Please get in touch with your ideas for making your next Christmas an unforgettable one.

25356018012007brown-stagschristmas jumpers

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