Come and Say Hello

Madame Clickety-ClickHello everybody and welcome to my new-look Blog. I really want this to be the new hub for all the latest news, reviews and releases for all things knitting and that includes some interesting ideas that have come out of just talking with my friends and customers who just want something unique and surprising, especially when it comes to giving gifts. You’ve no idea how excited I am to be a part of that process. That’s certainly the thing that makes this fun for me.

I’m really excited for this blog because it puts me in touch with all my virtual friends across the social landscape and will hopefully bring us together under the same woolly umbrella.

I’ve got loads of features coming up and stories of the different types of jumpers I’ve knitted at your request.

Also I’ve got some sneaky stuff bubbling away in the background for you all (something I’ve never done before) so I’m doubly excited about that…Watch this space.

I hope you will join me in my new blog and share your experience with others.

Good times ahead.

Love always

Rebecca (MCC)


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