Madame Clickety-Click

RebeccaMadame Clickety-Click  aka Rebecca Galeney (possibly should be the other way round) is the mysterious figure who by her own admission is the artist currently known amongst the Telly world as the greatest knitter to seek out.

Like the ambitiously frocked prophet, spoken of old, she descended the seven hills of Sheffield holding aloft two great stone knitting needles and henceforth with every click she delivered a warming weave to the once huddled masses who themselves since have abandoned the huddling for the intricately weaved promised land of comfy cardigans and sweaters.

The versions of the origins of where it all began with Madame Clickety-Click are as numbered as the dropped stitches in the myriads of woolly garments pouring forth from her needles and should you be brave enough to ask how long she’s been at it, then you will probably be left with an answer as concrete and sophisticated as the one that usually follows the question: How long is a piece of wool?

However you came to this oasis of a blog be assured that Madame Clickety-Click wishes you well and hopes you will enjoy her little blog and visit her exciting website @ and, if on your journey it pleases you beyond your usual expectations then please take the opportunity to share it with any shivering friends you feel are in need of some excellently knitted covering.

Love and best wishes,


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