So Here it is Merry ChristmasSaurus

img_3254Hey Everyone. Remember a few weeks ago we told you the exciting news that, to accompany Tom “McFly Guy” Fletcher’s release of his new children’s book, The Christmasaurus, that the very special elf’s in charge were going to give one lucky person the chance to get their hands on The Christmasaurus jumper knitted by yours truly.
For those who missed it check out our recent blog which featured Tom sporting the jumper as well as the whole lotta love he was getting for his new jumper when he took it onto Facebook and live streamed himself wearing it.
The special elf’s in question are those at WHSmith and all they ask of you is that you follow them on Instagram or Twitter and share their post…It’s so easy. I’ve put the links in this post to make it even easier.
What a way to kick off your Christmas.
Make sure you have a warm snuggly one.
Madame Clikety Click. Xx


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