This was Better Than Getting The Golden Ticket

Keeping your cool in the face of the chocolate onslaught this season might proof a little tricky for some folks, including us here at (mainly me).

Already as I cast a merry seasonal glance over the bexknitwear kingdom, there is so much chocolate about that I’m sure I will start dreaming about the stuff. One day I know I’m going to wake up to the sound of my little rustling knitting elves hurriedly adding the finishing touches to another dream I had once, that of an edible chocolate jumper. Mmmmm……where was I?

CadburysSo dear readers you can imagine how thrilled I was to get the call from Cadburys to design them two very special jumpers fit for the Christmas season. Okay they aren’t edible but this is how they would look if I had my way.

So many thanks to Georgina from Cadbury’s and the opportunity to spend hours and hours and hours researching chocolate. I hope you all enjoy your new Christmas Jumpers….(sorry you can’t eat them…Yet).


Madame Clickety Click Xx