Keeping the Terraces Warm is Our Goal for the Season

018In days gone by as we watched our favourite football teams tearing up the pitch, a fervent attempt at getting those few precious points, the only thing that kept us warm on the terraces was a hot pasty and a few mouthfuls of Bovril (other sinister flame rich beverages are available but not nearly as comparable). The familiar sounds of a well worn but soothing footie chant would drift across on a chilled breeze and the sight of a sea of bodies bobbing to their own tribal beat may have been enough to warm the heart but in most cases not the extremities.

033As conjures and purveyors of woollen apparel, you may guess, dear reader where we are going with this footie theme.

Flying the flags of our beloved Football teams is not exclusive to the UK but it sure does feel like it is when we stand shoulder to shoulder amidst a forest of team colours, the beautiful game represented by an abundance of shirts and flags and hats, all wonderfully unique and precious in the eyes of the wearer.

030As you know if you are a frequent visitor to our blog, we are always on the lookout for the unique, especially the unique ways in which you want to wear and show off your hand knitted jumpers. Already familiar badges are starting to appear on jumpers around the isle and we should know because we put them there. We’ve stuck a few pics in this post as you may have gleaned.

Okay is it me or is this a great gift for the dedicated followers of that handsome pastime? And what about kitting out the new arrivals in your life. That’s right a kit with a knit, fit for your bouncing baby as they dribble their way through your lives. What a unique way of celebrating your favourite team and of course getting your family on side as it were.

boroI hope you like these examples of sporting celebration. Get in touch with your ideas for your perfect jumper…We can’t wait to hear them.



Madame Clickety-Click xx

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