Being The Leader Of The Pack With Our Jumpers Is Easy

From the dawn of time and really before then, when the Gods made love and first conceived the notion of knitting needles and their clicking together, you may have been forgiven in thinking it was the start of a certain percussive tribal music, that clicking together of bone fragments. But then by chance a flock of sheep happened along the way and thus through a swirling soup of legend and unmentionable dark stuff, the woolly jumper was born….

…What? It’s most probably the truth….

Anyway your lack of faith in my explanation aside; our great hand crafted jumpers like those around the world have been the billboards of our lives and there’s no reason to assume that will end anytime soon.

HarleyAs I have said and, has been a constant theme throughout my blogs to the world: Anything goes as far as getting your message out there and we are always so proud that you want to sport your wisdom and the things that matter to you on our hand-knitted Jumpers.

triumph.This blog post then, features those fine individuals who pour their passion into motorcycles and will think nothing of throwing off their leathers and wallowing in their downtime with a cosy hand-knitted jumper.

These beauties would melt the heart of any Biker Gang Overlord and have them running for grannies house and fitting out his entire gang. (Okay that’s enough with the stereotypes…)

triumphIf you need something to kit out your club or society especially on those cold nights or even if you’ve started thinking about your annual gatherings toward the end of the year… (I’m being good…I’m trying not to mention the C word) then get in touch with us and we will make your dreams come true in a woolly fashion right across your chest.


Disclaimer: These jumpers have near magical powers in transforming the faces of the recipient but they are not a suitable replacement for your protective leathers if occasionally you like to clamour upon the iron horse.

velocetteThese Jumpers also make a unique gift for the enthusiast (it just depends what you’re into) and should spark some creativity amongst you dear readers for the lovely ones in your lives.

In the meantime my faithful bunch of wild ones hang high and tight…and…Let’s be careful out there.


Madame Clickety-Click xx

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