Festive Eye-Catchers on the Eighteenth Green – I’m Talking About the Jumper.

IMG_4239Every sport played at the top level and all levels in between demands the very best equipment. Having the best gear to hand, crafted for purpose will undoubtedly focus all attention on the competitor, it’s all part of the journey to be the best and that’s why we went all Olympian on this, our next exciting project.

No matter what time of year around the globe, nothing it seems is more precious than our love of sports, in particular that of golf. We were recently reminded of this when we were asked to whip up 16 Jumpers for the golfing enthusiasts who make up some of the members of the Dubai golf club. Nothing unusual here about sporting golfing jumpers, except these are bexknitwear jumpers so expect the unexpected. Sporting golf jumpers they are, but they are also jumpers sporting our favourite fella often seen this time of year: Santa Claus.

IMG_4247Yes he’s Universally accepted around the world and in his shorts and Hawaiian shirt he’s all set to sink a few, soak up the sun and then…maybe sink a few (if you know what I mean)….even Santa occasionally enjoys some down time.

So thanks guys for your order and reminding us that a successful round of golf isn’t always down to the clubs, the lay of the land or the prevailing wind.

Sometimes it’s all about the knit.

Madame Clickety-Click x

stay tuned for some more pics…..

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