Our Jumpers Come in Two’s, Three’s, However Many You Fancy

I wonder if animal jumpers featured heavily in the gift shop of Noah’s Arc?

Here’s one thing for sure: we wouldn’t be short a few jumpers and ideas for animal jumpers for his stock room and display shelves. Just look at some of the mesmerising array of creatures that have adorned the front of our woolly numbers…But don’t blame us. It’s you lot, brilliant and creative, dear readers that you are.

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If it wasn’t for your suggestions it probably wouldn’t have occurred to us to celebrate the animal kingdom in such a bright and colourful way. Whether you’re celebrating a beloved pet or championing a world-wide cause, you are there with your wondrous apparel and, if we can play our part then we are there too, by your side…all the way.

Your enthusiasm for the furry and feathery kind also sparked within us an understanding of the need to kit out your favourite pets with their very own garb. How about the dog jumper celebrating his or her owner…Now that’s just too crazy-cute isn’t it?

Bet you never thought to ask about a set of woolly jumpers for your pets.

Well now’s your chance. Come and visit our website @ http://www.bexknitwear.com and start talking to us. Let’s hear your ideas for the cute and cuddlies.

Madame Clickety-Click xxx