The Colourful World of Knitting – Welcome to the Dark Side.

10356259_1501039713444742_8879196274471176660_nHerding the sheep and goats, separating them into two groups does sound a little too biblical for my liking, so you will be pleased to know that I am not referring to some Disney inspired end of the world rapture. I am in fact talking about my two brand new Facebook Fan pages. One for the sheep lovers with a grasp of the sinister and one for the goat fanciers who crave a bit of silken fluff in their lives.
Am I making myself clear or is this another case of knitting needle muscle memory in my fingers, let loose upon my keyboard? What I mean to say dear, patient reader is that I have created not one but two Facebook fan pages, the links to which can be found below.
Mohair Magic
Goth Knits

10492075_779161065451532_857446385285828751_nOne is for my Mohair fans, called Mohair Magic and the other is for my dark and strangely intriguing group of Goths called Goth knitwear.
So have a look for me and let me know what you think. Maybe you’d like to join one of them or both. Hey there’s no shame in it. Just think of it as an angel and a devil on your shoulder fighting for a bit of head space.
I’ll be honest with you guys I am loving the diversity in the tastes you guys present to me and I’m glad I’m a part of it. 10372009_777172752317030_700679637544622229_nAnd hey look what happens when these two worlds collide. Goth Mohair. I’m surely the Frankenstein of the knitting world.
So whatever you’re fancy, come along, chase the link and like our pages and then forward them on to your friends and help spread the word. The obvious advantage to you guys is that I can keep you up to date with what is next from Madame Clickety-Click and her knitting shenanigans down at
Of course another way of keeping in touch is to follow this blog and instantly you will receive a non invasive email with the latest news and blog update.
As always, great love and stay in touch.
Looking forward to hearing from your darker side but keep it light…
Madame Clickety- Click. Xxx