Ethical Knitting – Saving the Planet One Stitch at a Time

SupersheepIf you’re going to be a superhero and save the world you’ve got to start somewhere and, it may just be a small step for knitted jumper lover but rest assured it will be a giant leap for the knitting kind.

So how do you dear reader, take your small steps to impact a world that is badly in need of an environmental awakening. Well one way is to support your vendors who are doing what they can to reduce costs and save the planet, in our case one stitch at a time.

Here at we are proud to announce that all our dealings and processes are helping to reduce our carbon footprint and this looks set to continue as we power our business and service to you by smilinglambreal human beings. We are highly trained in reducing transport costs and keeping packaging costs to a minimum. Our yarns too are locally sourced from genuine Yorkshire sheep, who as far as we can tell are pleased to cast off their clothes for the warmth and comfort of all our customers.

So help us strike a blow at this throwaway society, where even your jumpers are being turned into ‘fast food’ like commodities as they are indiscriminately churned out on machines one day and tossed out the next.


Caring about our jumpers means caring about the planet. What better way than to create something so unique and meaningful that the attitude of care and respect continues and spreads as we ship them out to you.

And all this from a knitted Jumper?

You better believe it.

Madame Clickety-Click X

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