It’s A Thumbs Up For Our Jumpers From NOKIA

bex-knit-1-211Check out this jumper. It seems everyone instantly recognises this symbol. Let’s face it, love it or loath it, technology and the way we communicate with each other is hurtling at an astounding pace towards a future that we could have, at one time, scarcely dared to imagine. But Hey this isn’t a post about post apocalyptic knitting (Hmmm thinks: ‘The first bexknitwear jumper in space’. Watch out for that stellar blog).

Anyway, back here on planet earth. Here’s a jumper that the phone giant NOKIA asked us to throw together. Because it seems that no matter how far we take this technology and depend on these short code symbols to talk with each other, nothing can replace the familiarity of a hand knitted jumper, instantly recognisable and eye catching. Well done NOKIA.

It seems the woolly jumper continues to represent those welcome things in our lives, familiarity, fond memories of days gone by, family and other such home comforts and special times of the year. And now more and more are using the hand crafted jumper as blank canvases to get their messages out to the world. Just like t-shirts can instantly carry your message, more and more people are realising the extra special touch and extra impact one can have by having their own personalised jumper. So thanks NOKIA for the reminder.

Those clever folks at NOKIA asked us to knit this one up in an eighties style for their latest ad campaign in order to get people to like their pages.

What next NOKIA? Hand knitted smart jumpers…..


Madame Clickety-Click x

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