I’m Loving It, With Extra Wool

IMG_3476What happens when a multimillion dollar company wants to do a bit to raise its profile for the Christmas season and needs a piece of marketing that will capture the imaginations of its own consumers.

Well the answer is of course: they come to Madame Clickety-Click of Bexknitwear.com fame for these two magnificent and cleverly themed jumpers (pictured). And if you’re in any doubt as to the identity of the ‘flailing’ business in question then I can only assume you’ve just landed from another planet.

IMG_3480We were more than happy to produce these two pieces for McDonalds which were to serve as prizes for two lucky winners of their own Facebook competition. The really great thing for us was the exposure our two little jumpers got and the encouraging comments that some of the facebook users gave in response to the big M’s campaign.

For more details of the competition and to see more comments about our jumpers :



And don’t forget to visit our site for even more Christmas ideas at http://www.bexknitwear.com

Merry Christmas To you all.

Madame Clickety-Click X


Cover Up this Christmas with a Little Help From Our Festive Gift Vouchers

Santa's stairsRuddy RudolphLast minute Christmas shopping is as much of a Christmas tradition as a cheeky peck under the mistletoe or a loosened trouser before the queen’s speech. And in the stress 2723stakes it may be up there with the timing of the sprouts for the huddled and hungry masses still picking through the remaining Quality Street (other chocolates are available, or at least were until your lot got wind of them). It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just you roaming the bitter cold high street or the dazzling shopping centres, looking for that perfect gift, but now you have to battle the other desperate souls all clamouring for that last box set of Fred Dibner’s Age of the steam. Who needs it?

It’s as plain as the nose on Rudolph’s face.

2 Stags.Throughout my recent posts, especially leading up to the festive season I have been waxing lyrical about my Christmas jumpers and how the little elf’s start production on these woolly wonders well before the first play of Fairytale of New York on the radio. Would you believe that as early as January I turn my attention as well as align my pointy needles towards the flickering lights of Christmas yet to come. Inevitably though you guys are going to run into a cut off point where it’s not going to be possible to produce a bespoke jumper in time for Christmas day.

Now your loved one may not be aware of what they are missing out on but you will have that disappointment with you for a long time to come. You will do your best to hide it but inevitably it will leave a nasty taste in your mouth, other than the last parsnip hiding beneath the mash.

6So here it is. BEXKNITWEAR.COM is dishing out its world famous GIFT VOUCHERS that can be redeemed for any item from our website. Not only will they have a lovingly crafted jumper on its way to them but they will be able to create their own design and colours. As part of the gift experience you could even help them with the design of their jumper. It’s even better than giving money because you have a fun thing already in mind for them and it shows you have put real thought into their gift, so much better than an amount of money stuffed into a card.

1What about this for an idea…why not double the fun and get your own voucher so that you and your loved one can start the New Year with a woolly wallop!!!!

Why not visit our website now and find out more about our festive gift giving. Bexknitwear

Merry Christmas to you all and a very warm and cosy new year.


Madame Clickety-Click X