My Knitted Jumpers are Welcome in the Hillside

BBC WalesI’m very proud of my jumpers as you may have guessed if you’ve been following my knitting adventures in this blog over the past weeks or so. I’ve watched them take flight, leaving me all dewy eyed with barely time to chase away an errant tear before I open up another email for my next commission. I’ve seen them off, sending them across the globe from Canada to Australia with but one request; remember me so that I may spread the woolly love even further (I have heard that group of adventurer types are getting up a trip into space…Hmmm!) by creating brothers and sister’s for you all. Yes I do talk to my wool.

12th september 2012 001So as my woolly creations envelope our planet like the welcoming arms of a Mother, Lover or Other I’m happy to see that the rock-mass we like to call the United Kingdom is still enjoying its fare share of my handiwork.

These jumpers have crossed the border and landed in a fictional village of Cwmderi, a little known place in the South-West of Wales. A little known place except for the thousands of people spying on it five days a week as they tune in to Pobol y Cwm, the longest running soap opera ever produced by the BBC and now shown exclusively to the people of Wales on the welsh language station S4C.

The theme was matching Christmas jumpers for Father and Son depicting a snowman and as you can see from the short clip below they were very pleased with them (well I think they were pleased. I don’t ken the language much).


tractor-for-bbc-walesTwo more jumpers were commissioned for them, showing two rather colourful tractors (pictured) standing out against the bright blue background.

I’m more than pleased that they came to me for their uniquely designed jumpers because that means more and more of you my dear followers will get a chance to see these jumpers in action.

But take heart dear readers. You don’t have to move to the Valleys to appreciate my jumpers. There are plenty more examples coming soon to this blog, where the media and celebrities are clamouring for a go in a Madame Clickety-Click original.



Harry Potter Fan Left Frustrated at Super Fast Delivery

011Remember our Harry Potter fans. Well he ordered a letter Jumper for his sister in a perfect tip of the wizard’s hat to a scene in their favourite Harry Potter movie where Mrs Weasley has a jumper delivered to her son Ron via an Owl. For the full story visit the post, titled: A Christmas Delivery Worthy of a Wizard.

Well here’s one happy customer who has just received his Jumper all the way from here to Canada. The Owl must be knackered. And with kind permission here’s what he said about the new arrival.

012From Victor

Mrs. Weasley with her Magic needles could not have made me happier than I was when I saw the jumper you made!.

It is perfect. My only regret is that Christmas is still a very very long way away and that I can not give it to my sister sooner. I have to walk around knowing she has the awesome jumper and keep it to myself.

Thank you once again for your effort and the speed it took from order to delivery is amazing. I now have my go to person for all knitwear.

Many Thanks


P.S Christmas pictures with her wearing the jumper will be forthcoming.

Thanks Victor. Christmas will be here in no time. We’ll look forward to receiving them and sharing them with the bexknitwear community.

Love Madame Clickety-Click

Even Archaeologists Dig my Jumpers

Knitting is a bit like archaeology. I don’t mean I spend most of my time face down in a ditch, gently erasing the sedimentary record, previously undisturbed, that is until I set about prodding with my needles or even fleeing from an ancient tomb, chased out by a thousand year old curse after falsely identifying the earliest knitting pattern etched into the crumbling walls. It’s an easy mistake.

No, what I mean is my trained needles are like an archaeologist’s brush, coming together to slowly reveal a timeless piece that will look good in any old ditch.

Indiana JonesWhat I have found from the feedback I get from my jumpers (should read customers. I’m yet to create the talking jumper..that’s just crazy) is that it’s all about originality and standing out from the crowd. Even in the world of archaeology it seems, there’s a yearning to stand out in a crowded trench.

Aston_2131946bI bet if you were able to probe and dig the inner workings of your everyday archaeologist you would unearth a secret yearning to wear a hat and brandish a whip just like Indiana Jones (hang on…I think I may have stumbled upon another, more insidious niche for my jumpers). Sidetracked alert! Imagine for a minute you’ve set your sights even higher than the good Doctor Jones and his penchant for exotic lands and whip cracking adventures and you’re like my customer who is a devotee of the Channel 4’s Time Team and in particular its former character Mike Aston and his curious eye-catching jumpers (pictured).

time.'Truth be told, the recipient of my latest creation is himself a budding archaeologist who lives in Australia and has no idea he’s about to receive his jumper as it is a surprise from his wife. One thing’s for sure, it will be a perfectly fitting tribute to the programme he loves and to his hero, Mike Aston, who sadly is no longer with us.

JumperCertainly one of the brightest characters and most endearing ones from Time Team. This will be a much treasured piece for our man down under and any enthusiast of the program. A fitting nod to archaeologists and good humoured historians everywhere.

So hold on to your trowel and bullwhip sir, your Time Team special edition jumper is winging its way to you.


My jumpers cannot protect you from curses or errant poisoned darts.

Happy adventuring.

Madame Clickety-Click


What are your favourite programmes that you can pay tribute to with one of my jumpers. Send us your requests and pictures at

These Jumpers Are Good For the Arms and the Heart

DragonsIt seems that more and more woolly jumper lovers out there are not soft in the head but soft in the heart when it comes to thinking up ideas for the perfect woolly jumper design and bless my needles, they think of me to help them create something rather special that will mean a lot for the people they love. These two welsh brothers are no exception when they asked me to recreate two jumpers they used to wear as toddlers.

The jumpers were put together from a photograph, currently sitting on a shelf in their parents’ house. The two boys managed to get to me and I’m pleased to say I think I did it justice. Thanks guys for your trust in me, as it goes someway to highlight to you all dear readers, the versatility with which we can meet your needs (Hey someone has to say it and since this golden trumpet is just sitting right here next to me I thought I’d take this opportunity to blow it).

Yes I will gladly embrace your fantasies and detailed descriptions of the designs you want or if you have a picture you’re fond of or as in this case of our two welsh heroes a retro piece you want recreating then get busy sending your ideas.

Now both boys are approaching their thirties and as a gift to their father who will be celebrating his sixtieth birthday they will wear the matching jumpers with pride.


Submit your ideas at and have us ALL reaching for the hankies.


Madame Clickety-Click

Needles Across The World? A strike for Wool Peace.

037I think I’m working too hard. What do you think? Here’s a pic of the latest casualties from a rather splendid little request for a jumper that stretches across the globe. Can you guess where from? This picture should give it away as Sarah sports this rather fetching piece from my broken needles all the way to Australia.

Sarah FullerBut wait it doesn’t stop there….

With world domination in mind here’s another fantastic addition to the Bexknitwear family and the spread of wool peace. This one his headed for the United States for a Prodigy look alike jumper and is bound to stand out in any crowd.

usaOkay with about 190 more countries to go should I get some cello tape (spelling?) for my overworked needles, I think I might need them.

And one more as a tribute to a truly British brand, recognisable the world over, Triumph.

019Flags of any kind feature big in all walks of life as a celebration of achievement as well as an identity to be proud of. Think back to the recent Olympics and the smell of pride wafting on the air from the thousands of flags trembling with excitement as our hopes and expectations were met by the sheer determination and potential of the finest sportsman this world had to offer.

So folks this is just one more avenue that customers are exploring; to celebrate those things in life that mean the most, heritage, roots and the appreciation for the things that give true meaning to our lives and where better to find that meaning of life than on one of Madame Clickety-Clicks jumpers.

Please, please form an orderly queue. Don’t forget to comment and give us your ideas for your perfect jumper design. We and the rest of the world wait with needles poised.

Madame Clickey-Click.

Christmas is a Time for Weddings and Woolly Jumpers?

007012Christmas comes but once a year and it’s nice to celebrate it and make it a truly memorable occasion. It’s a time for togetherness and family and you hope that each occasion is better than the last and memorable for all the right reasons. So when a couple decide to get married Christmas week, then they need something very special for their precious day, something that announces to their gathered family and friends what this time of year and the special uniting of two people means to them. Yes you have it…they naturally turn to Madame Clickety-Click for a Woolly solution.

Ok folks…a little dramatic…you might think.

News Flash

Nothing says longevity and commitment in a marriage or any relationship than a pair of Christmas Jumpers for him and her. But what about jumpers, hand knitted by Madame Clickety-Click to actually celebrate your magnificent wedding day as well as the time of year. Not only have you a quality hand crafted jumper to wear but you have a very unique souvenir to enjoy for all time.

016What’s that you say? Could this replace the traditional apparel we are so used to seeing on the glorious wedding day. Well don’t get too excited. This couple preparing for their wedding ordered two Christmas Wedding jumpers (pictured) for the rehearsal dinner, and what a memorable time they must have had sporting these two lovelies. Each is Christmas themed and is uniquely identified with Bride and Groom, lest they forget, and on the other side is the date of their wedding. Perfect! (Perhaps I should have suggested that they have similar ones for all their guests instead of name tags…) Ok now my mind is in overdrive…what about stag and hen doo’s…deep breath…breathe. Anne Summers beware.

Now I don’t want to get all stereotypical and controversial here but what a start to a relationship and a real exclamation of true love if you can imagine growing old with your loved one, sporting matching jumpers like these.

handhDisclaimer!!!! Knitted Jumpers are not synonymous with elderly folk as is being proven by my fun loving customers. It does put me in mind though of the ever devoted couple Howard and Hilda from the sitcom Ever-decreasing Circles, two extraordinarily devoted people and their penchant for all things matching.

But the fun doesn’t stop there for our newlyweds…

018014Imagine, as the traditional wedding attire is shed (steady on) and our loving couple throw on two more jumpers for after the nuptials. This is brilliantly inspired, continuing the Christmas theme with the snowman and snowflakes and the new titles of Mr and Mrs for our loving couple.

It just goes to show that the fun with these jumpers is only limited by your own imagination.

I’m amazed that my jumpers could play such an important part in creating long lasting memories for this couple.

Good Times.

Come to my website at and share your ideas.

Madame Clickety-Click