A Timely Creation to Make The Weeping Angels Blink

angelEverybody loves their TV and films at the moment and this is reflected in the enthusiasm and ideas coming through.

Who out there doesn’t know about Doctor Who and its continued success since its first appearance on the BBC in November 1963. Well if you know that much then you’ll know that we are hurtling through time and converging nicely to a point where all known Universes and probably some unknown ones too, will touch, a point we call the 50th anniversary of the mysterious Doctor’s first appearance. That means there are a lot, and I mean a lot of fans of the time lord out there chomping at the bit for anything Doctor whoish.

So between now and November the internet will be poked and prodded, tweaked and twonked (not twerked, still don’t know quite what that is and to be honest if I can’t wrap a piece of wool around it I’m not that interested) with all manner of sonic utensils to find the usual guff related to the famous time traveller.

I say to the majority then, YOU’RE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACES.

033Just look at this for an Idea. Jonathan Denier, long time Whovian (is that the write term) has requested his own, tailor made jumper as styled by the seventh Doctor AKA Sylvester Mccoy.  There’s no doubt that Jonathan is set to dazzle any Dalek and even get the Weeping Angels blinking with this timely creation.

This is so different and unique and a breath of fresh air from the usual mainstream high street stuff that you would see time and time again sported in particular by the enthusiastic conventioneer. And I think you’ll agree that it certainly does complete his outfit. Well done.

Jonathan DeneyerSo as the sound of a heavy breathing Tardis approaches and we gather round our TV’s to witness Doctors old and New battle once again to save our futures in this unparalleled universe, its left to me to remind you to get your orders in like Jonathan (pictured) did. He hasn’t wasted anytime and he is now enjoying a Madame Clickety-Click original. But be quick dearest readers…I haven’t got a time machine.


Madame Clickety-Click x

A Christmas Delivery Worthy of a Wizard

PigwidgeonI think I’m blessed. One of the joys of this little niche business I’m in, other than the percussive soothing of my smoking needles, is the wonderful imagination of the people who contact me through my website at www.bexknitwear.com and the incredibly precise and specific jumpers they want and the unusual circumstances these woolly creations will partake in.

Fans of the wizarding boy known as Harry Potter and his two close friends, Hermione Granger and the very loveable Ron Weasley (pictured) will be familiar with the rather unusual postal delivery system that existed in the mysterious world beyond platform 9¾ at Kings Cross station, London (don’t bother, I’ve tried to find it myself and it’s as elusive as the other odd sock belonging to the Loch Ness monster). On any given morning you could be sat at the long tables in the grand dining hall at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, stuffing your face with mountains of eggs and bacon and all manner of clogging morsels when suddenly the sound of wings swiping at the air would herald the mornings delivery of letters and parcels from a rather dedicated parliament of owls. It’s certainly a magical sight if all the poor feathery posties had to do was deliver a small letter betwixt there beak, but imagine it now has a thick woolly jumper, wrapped in brown paper and string in its gob.


With that in mind consider the following…

Well it’s been 16 years since we first encountered our wizard boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs in number 4 Privet Drive. And even one million and eighty-four thousand, one hundred and seventy words later, not to mention eight films that followed, the world still venerates the scarred (not sacred) youth with magical abilities. It’s very longevity may be attributed to the following generations lassoing the first book and beginning their journey (kind of like the Doctor ‘whoists’ picking their time lord and riding on his coattails/knitted scarf) and following the adventures thusly…anyway I digress.

My neighbour TotoroProof if proof were needed that the wizard is far from gone and forgotten is the sweet commission I received to knit a Harry Potter style jumper for a Gentleman fromQuebec, Canada called Victor who, intends to have it delivered under the Christmas tree on Christmas day to his sister by…you guessed it, an Owl. Brilliant and inspired.

harry-potter_0Who else wants to know how he is going to do this. OK Perhaps not a real owl???? You know what? I would just love to see a picture of the delivered present and the look on this guys sister’s face…but for know it will just have to be enough that I was able to create the jumper that created such a magical Christmas for a whole family.


Didn’t I tell you I was blessed?

Madame Clickety-Click. X

A Social Hub for a Close-knit Family

Hello everybody and welcome to my new-look Blog


I really want this to be the new hub

for all the latest news, reviews and releases for all things knitting and that includes some interesting ideas that have come out of just talking with my friends and customers who just want something unique and surprising, especially when it comes to giving gifts. You’ve no idea how excited I am to be a part of that process. That’s certainly the thing that makes this fun for me.

I’m really excited for this blog because it puts me in touch with all my virtual friends across the social landscape and will hopefully bring us together under the same woolly umbrella.

I’ve got loads of features coming up and stories of the different types of jumpers I’ve knitted at your request.

Also I’ve got some sneaky stuff bubbling away in the background for you all (something I’ve never done before) so I’m doubly excited about that…Watch this space.

I hope you will join me in my new blog and share your experience with others.

Good times ahead.

Love always

Rebecca (MCC)

Everyone loves knitted jumpers for Christmas

IT is the present most of us don’t want – a brightly coloured knitted jumper, but not this year hand knitted jumpers are in

They are in great demand once seen you will be asked “Can we all have one?”

Nothing could be more fun than sitting down for Christmas dinner all wearing their sweaters.

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Everyone want’s a Christmas jumper