Helpful tips to avoid aching hands

Here are some exercises from the makers of Handeze Gloves. I do these and they’re really helpful.

    Hand Massage: With the thumb of the left hand, massage the palm of the right hand. At the same time, wrap the fingers of the left hand round the outside of the right hand and massage. Massage for one minute. Repeat with opposite hand.

  Clench and Fan: Clench your hand into a tight fist and hold for five seconds. Release smoothly, extending the thumb and fingers into a fully stretched position and hold for five seconds. Repeat five times for each hand.
  Thumb Stretch: With the left hand, gently pull the thumb of the right hand away from the thumb and down toward the forearm. Hold for five seconds. You should feel the stretch in the base of the thumb, palm side. Repeat for the left thumb. Five repetitions, alternate thumbs.

  Wrist Stretch: Hold the right hand in front of the body, palm facing out, fingertips up, fingers together. With the left hand, grasp the right hand’s outstretched fingers and gently pull the fingers back toward the body. Hold for five seconds. You should feel the stretch in the wrist area. Repeat for the left wrist. Five repetitions, alternative wrists.
  Wrist Circles: With hands in front of the body and elbows held at a comfortable angle, gently rotate the wrists. Five repetitions in each direction. Good work! Now you’re ready to knit in comfort!

My Icelandic adventure

You can see the evidence of Iceland’s volcanic activity all over the country with holes in the ground blowing steam and sulphur.

We went to the hot springs of Geysir and Strokkur which blows several tonnes of water 60 foot every 10 minutes, waterfalls you can walk behind and because it was such good weather with brilliant sunshine I could stand inside rainbows I truly was at the foot of  a few rainbows, my pot of gold was the fabulous scenery.

Swam in the blue lagoon a natural geothermal hot spring lake, lovely milky blue hot water with stunning lava pools and dormant volcano’s.

Whale watching on a boat that went up and down, side to side but it was all worth it, after a seasickness pill we saw minke whales, puffins,gannets diving, guillemots and other sea birds in flocks

Went to a fish buffet banquet and if they had labelled the fish I would have known what I was eating.

Sat outside Cafe Paris on a warm summers evening drinking Viking beer watching the Icelandic people go about their daily life

The cost of everything in Iceland is Mega expensive, food, drink cost  a fortune.

Had a boat trip at jokulsarlon the glacial lagoon with iceberg’s ambling by slowly on their way to the sea.

Reykjavik was a modern town yet still in touch with its Viking past.

I had a fantastic adventure