Her Passing

Her passing was littered with projects unfinished, she hated to go leaving so much undone.

Come see her room as she left it, see whats left of her life.

Come to the viewing doesn’t she look like herself.

As much pleasure and as much joy as I’ve had from my wonderful craft, when I leave this world all I know about knitting goes with me, which is a little sad. There are lots of ways to pass this on of which I am beginning to make a start by documenting and blogging about knitting.

My knowledge and tips in the hope that future generations will have the art of knitting passed on to them and they will carry on the tradition.

Hopefully th

ey will get as much pleasure from it as I have over the years.

How I started out with bexknitwear my tips

Bexknitwear collection

Bexknitwear collection

I started out doing small craft fairs in church, village halls, schools and tested the water that way.

These outlets are not very expensive to do and it gives you  a feel for demand for what you are selling.
If these prove to be profitable then try doing market stalls in a town or city centre, these do cost more but you will be reaching to far more customers
What will help is if you have some business cards printed, you can hand these out to people who may not want to buy there and then but who have shown interest, so they can get in touch with you should they want to buy
Check local press and internet for forthcoming craft fairs and there are some craft fair organisations that you can join that will keep you informed of craft fairs that they organise
The fairs are great to do and you meet lots of like minded people 
You could of course try selling on ebay, but to be honest the craft fairs may suit you better as I’m sure you can make to order so would be better for you to perhaps meet people face to face.
A little advice from me to outline how I started www.bexknitwear.com the early years