Knitting the new cool

One of the many great handknitted jumpers

It’s hip to knit!!!
Knitting is the new cool and enjoying a huge revival.

Beautiful hand knitwear is as popular today if not more so than 20 years ago, when it was considered a bit stuffy and conservative, something your Grandma would make that you wouldn’t be seen dead in or even alive in.

Check out this beautiful knitwear at

Handknitted jumpers you would want to be seen in by Bex


I have recently moved house and needed to transfer my broadband. I informed them on the 22nd July and it takes up to 15 working days to transfer it over to your new address, which I thought was bad enough.

I have a website I need to maintain  I can check my emails at work so I could manage. But after nearly a month I still have no braodband and have to wait until the 24th August to be connected.

They are not bothered about the inconvenience to me and the things I am unable to do because of the poor service it’s not their problem.

So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place I signed into a contract for 18 months they have trapped me with no-where to go.

I could buy myself out but that would be very expensive.

It’s very annoying where I have moved to has cable so I could of had virgin media package with everything and I wouldn’t of had to buy a bt line for my broadband.

Roll on 24th August I hope it’s on then or I will become Mrs Angry.

Hand knitted Dennis the Menace jumpers

Dennis the Menace jumpers galore.

Starting my website has been an interesting project seeing how things have developed.

One of the most prominent things to come out of it is how popular Dennis the Menace is, everyone wants one and sees themselves as Dennis the Menace.

Especially men.

Maybe it’s the rebel in them or because Dennis is seen as a lovable rogue.

Or it could be that the appeal is just the red and black stripes that suit most people.

Whatever it is they are certainly very popular.

If you fancy having a hand knitted Dennis the Menace jumper go to my website and order one. I can make it in any size just let me know your measurements.