Wedding Jumpers are Becoming Hot this Christmas.

Is it me or is the weather taking a turn for something other than the tropical. Now I know we are in the woolly jumper business but I wouldn’t wish the lovely summer away for anyone. Turns out though that a great bunch of you have been making the most of the inclement weather in the past and scooping up our jumpers and including them in your wedding celebrations.

Remember when the best thing about the best day of your life was the end of the speeches or the breath taking first steps of a bride on the dance floor? Well now we can forget all about that.

Our beloved jumper wearers have shown us the light and possibly the future of all weddings. Picture this: the bride and groom floating down the aisle adorned in a couple of bexknitwear originals. Okay perhaps that is a little mind stretch too far. Or maybe it’s not too far off into the distant future.

Check out what Louise Chu ordered and presented to the happy couple on their wedding day, opened in front of all their guests. Louise got the idea when she saw our original penguin design on one of our jumpers featured on our website Requesting the Mr and Mrs motif was just her way of making the jumpers more personal and we were happy to oblige. This proved to be a great gift to give the lovely couple and as Louise said, they loved them.


Exchanging gifts between the bride and groom is also a good idea and with a little more personalization you can have something like Mr and Mrs Caton had. They had us decorate their seasonal jumpers with their names as well as the date they were married. Congratulations you two.

And finally, its congratulations to Mr and Mrs P on their very special day and their new jumpers. Shannee had an idea for her mother’s wedding gift and it was to give the happy couple two personalized jumpers for their honeymoon in New York, just in case they and everyone they saw needed reminding that they were married. I don’t think they minded. Looks like they were more than happy with their new jumpers. And from the looks of that last picture I think they needed them.

Job Done.

If you are looking for ideas for unexpected gifts and there’s a wedding coming up, perhaps matching jumpers for the groom and best man or parents of the happy couple then get in touch and we’ll do our part help create a special day they will never forget.


Madame Clickety Click



Made in Sheffield – A Cutting Edge as Soft as Wool.

IMG_1239Made in Sheffield has always been a symbol of quality with worldwide appeal. Famous for our Steel production and craftsmanship and dedication to traditional hands on manufacturing means our products are sought after the world over.


madeinsheffieldSo its not without the proverbial lump in the old throat that we are proud to announce that have been awarded a licence to display the ‘Made In Sheffield’ Logo. This is a real win for us because now our beautiful creations can now be counted alongside quality crafted products from Sheffield such as cutlery, jewellery, healthcare and outstanding technological developments and the creative Bexknitwear. This amazing organisation has become a hub for all the home-grown companies out there, proudly flying the flag of their beloved city.


Check out our site and look for the Made in Sheffield logomade-in-sheffield-large and know that the standard of quality and the dedication to produce that quality is set firmly in this cities rich heritage.

Madame Clikety Click xx

Hardcore Producer and DJ Carl Cox Just Got Cooler

img_6303Thanks to his sister Pam getting in touch with us for a bunch of jumpers to celebrate a friend’s 50th (five perfect tens) birthday we could get to work knitting and kitting them out with these.

 Specifically, we took Carl’s logo and incorporated it neatly into the jumper. Just look how happy he is…I think that’s a smile breaking there…Maybe he is figuring out if he can get away with wearing it during 2017’s festival packed year, something that we hope will continue to take him and his new jumper around the world.

Nice one Carl.

img_4612-2The rest of the jumpers? Have a look at these? Now there is a Coxy smile as Pam proudly shows off her new jumper. She recently got in touch asking to be included in our website and Instagram pages, adding that she, “loves her jumper…”.

 p1030235img_6164“Oh, my God. I collected the jumper and I absolutely love it and he will too…thank you so much. This one he had received as a Christmas present…Merry Christmas to you and thank you so much, Carl absolutely loved his jumper, he cannot believe you got it spot on so thank you!”

 Well we are glad to help. Your mentions and kind words go a long way. We hope you continue to enjoy all our jumpers.

And that goes for all of you.

Much Love,

Madame Clickety Click Xx


Delivering a Timely Message for the ITV Tonight Show

img_3300When the pressures on we are right there in the woolly mix, knee deep and tangled, you might say (Sounds like the title of my autobiography waiting to be written…’Knee Deep and Tangled’). Christmas does bring its own pressures but we love being a part of others celebrations even though this next one was an unusual one but certainly worthwhile and deserving of our dedicated attention.


p1040325We’ve been recently working closely with Lauren Conner from the ITV Tonight show and helping them visualise their TV segment about fraud (recently aired on ITV on the 1st of December).

We of course jumped at the chance to help out and without any further ado were keen to get down to the specifics.

img_3297The folks at the Tonight program wanted four children’s jumpers each sporting their own statistic. Colours and design were very important to them as you can see from the pictures. Given the backdrop and the adorable little ones sporting our creations they wanted something that stood out, real eyecatchers, whilst maintaining the integrity of the reporting.

 img_3299It was our pleasure then, as always to realise their vision and within a week we were ready to hand deliver their custom made jumpers to Media City in Manchester.


img_3296Thanks to all then especially Lauren for their enthusiasm for our jumpers. It’s always amazing to us to experience the fun created by these little Woolley wonders, no more so than at this time of year.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Madame Clikety Click. Xx


So Here it is Merry ChristmasSaurus

img_3254Hey Everyone. Remember a few weeks ago we told you the exciting news that, to accompany Tom “McFly Guy” Fletcher’s release of his new children’s book, The Christmasaurus, that the very special elf’s in charge were going to give one lucky person the chance to get their hands on The Christmasaurus jumper knitted by yours truly.
For those who missed it check out our recent blog which featured Tom sporting the jumper as well as the whole lotta love he was getting for his new jumper when he took it onto Facebook and live streamed himself wearing it.
The special elf’s in question are those at WHSmith and all they ask of you is that you follow them on Instagram or Twitter and share their post…It’s so easy. I’ve put the links in this post to make it even easier.
What a way to kick off your Christmas.
Make sure you have a warm snuggly one.
Madame Clikety Click. Xx


Looks Like Oak Furniture Land are Gearing Up for Christmas.

p1040163And we are very proud that they came to with their very specific requirements for the star of their latest festive television advert. Of course, I’m talking about our bespoke jumper. Have a look at the beautiful.

Turns out the specifics of the design were very critical as well as the delivery of this lovely knitted jumper. It meant that we could work closely with Lucy Hallard, wardrobe stylist on behalf of Oak Furniture land in delivering the jumper that suited them and their latest campaign.

From colours to the all-important logo to a superfast delivery it was very gratifying when a very appreciative team called it…’Amazing’ Thanks Lucy for your support and thinking of us.

oak-furniture-landIt certainly was a great experience working closely with our clients and we are very proud of the service we can offer all our customers who are looking for something unique and special, tailor made to suit you.

So now the advert is currently running on TV why not let us know if you spot the jumper in action and don’t forget to get in touch with us with your ideas for this coming festive season…and beyond.

Madame Clikety Click. Xx


Pretty Fly for a McFly Guy

14492617_10154705152780572_6302829724102981267_n1Some people just can’t wait for Christmas. I think it’s the thought of giving gifts and of course receiving said gifts throughout the year and then suddenly the spirit of giving seems to gain momentum, usually about November time.

But for some like our latest fan, Tom Fletcher from the Pop band McFly the Christmas spirit overcame him over 12 months ago when he started to pen his first children’s novel, The Christmasaurus. It’s already on sale from every available word boutique in the real and digital world.

img_1288We were very excited then when it came to launching his book that he and Andrea Bowie of Penguin Books approached to produce a woolly jumper for the book signings of his new book.

What a great way to celebrate such an important event in anyone’s live. At we have seen this right from the beginning. Our jumper lovers have enjoyed our creations for their cosiness and snugness while having a unique creation that has literally become personal and dear to them because of the unique way they become part of the significant events in their lives…and all this from one of our jumpers.

img_1320If you want to see just how excited Tom was wearing his Jumper click over to his Facebook page and see the jumper in action. Fans will also be treated to a reading of a snippet from The Christmasaurus. Sorry though fans of knitting, Christmas and McFly……………crumpets not included with the book or with one of our jumpers I’m afraid. I’ll have scoffed em’ before my needles are out of the holster.


Talking of giving stuff away…

christmasaurusPenguin just may be running a competition related to the books release by giving away a second jumper just like Tom’s…I know this because I’m busy knitting it all together right now.

So watch this space for further developments and if you’re a fan of great seasonal children’s fiction then it looks like The Christmasaurus could be the perfect stocking filler……so long as we knitted it of course…the stocking, not the book.


Madame Clikety Click x